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Metal Garages

Metal Garages by Absolute Buildings. Starting at just $2595. Free delivery & Install Nationwide

Metal Garage Features

Absolute Building metal garages allow for huge customizations when it comes to the type of project you have in mind. Our metal garages come standard with a 30 Day workmanship warranty or you can upgrade to our 20 Years rust through warranty! All features available for your garage are to enhance not only the strength of your building, but also the look of your small metal building as well. Listed below are some of the features available for your steel garage.

  • 14 Gauge Steel

  • 12 Gauge Steel Upgrade

  • J-Trim Available

  • 45-Degree Angles for frameouts

  • Certified to meet snow and wind load.

  • Add Windows and Doors

  • Unlimited color choices

  • Add Bracing for strength

  • Attach Multiple Buildings Together to create unique structures.

  • Insulation

  • Free Delivery and Install

  • Can be portable or secured to a level surface.

Metal Garage Roof Styles Available

Regular Style Roof

Our Regular Style Roof, is the base model roof we sell. It is the most econmical, and has a traditional timeless design. The roof features rounded corners and comes in 29 Gauge steel. If you are looking to save money, this is the roof you want to start with. This roof has panels that run from end to end, which may cause leakage on long buildings because the panels will overalap

Boxed Eave Style Roof

Our Boxed Eave Style Roof, is an a-frame model design with a roof overhang. It provides today traditional style roof, which many customer purchase to match their homes or building styles. This roof has panels that run from end to end, which may cause leakage on long buildings because the panels will overalap.

Vertical Style Roof

Our Vertical Style Roof, is an a-frame model design as well, but has panels that run from the peak of the roof down to the sides. This roof is less likely to leak on extremely long building due to the way the panels run. This would be the suggest roof for anyone looking to place it in a humid area or want the least maintenance option available.

Lean To Style

Our Lean-To Style buildings are perfect for areas that may not fit a traditional garage, or you have limited space on the side of your house. Our lean-to style roofs can be made in any of the three styles mentioned previously. If you have any questions regarding our lean-to style roofs, please contact our team today at 1-888-705-0315 for more information.