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Dumbest Criminal Tries To Break Into Open Carport

At absolute buildings we constantly come across some crazy stories from our customers.  But this one had our staff laughing for days.  The below funny video was shared to one of our associates by one of his clients while talking about the different types of carports available.  A hooded hoodlum sees an easy mark, with an attached “garage.” What he doesn’t know is that the “garage” is really a "car port" that’s wide open for all to see.  As you can see the homeowner's security system picks up the whole thing on video footage.  

After a few minutes of struggling, you can clearly see the would be burglar walk out the other end of the carport.  Sometimes simply owning a carport or garage is enough to confuse a would be invader to your home.  Hope you all enjoy the video.

You can view the video here: Worlds Dumbest Criminal Video Carport