About us - Absolute Buildings

Absolute Buildings has over 15+ years of experience with building and designing metal buildings. From day one we set out to change the way the industry sold metal buildings.  The process was confusing, convoluted and extremely difficult for customers to navigate.  Over the years we have fine tuned and mastered the ordering,designing, and building as easy as customizing a hamburger at your favorite food chain. 

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How We Are Different


We always sought out the best talent that could give us the edge over our competitors.

One of the ways we improved was by paying a fair salary to all employees.  The less they thought about every day life challenges.  The more enthusiastic our team became about helping the company grow.

We are not just selling buildings.  We are selling homes, shelters, businesses, creatives spaces, and so much more.

Absolute buildings understands their is a balance between continuing to grow and understanding our roots.  Our little company turned into one of the largest building suppliers because we always kept our customers in mind.

If you really want to know what sets Absolute Buildings apart, just look at the family environment it has created. Weekly luncheons, bonuses, and different community events to really drive home that without our customers and employees, there would be no Absolute Buildings.

In Short
When a customer has chosen Absolute Buildings for their next building project.  They can rest assured that we as a company have their interests at heart.  No pushy sales, no crazy marketing calls, and especially no spam email.  If you have not decided to go with Absolute Buildings after your first call, then we did not do our jobs right.